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Why is My Weed Pipe Blocked?

Wondering why yourweed pipe is blocked? If you’re fairly new to smoking pipes, you may try to light up one day, only to find that you’re just not getting enough smoke. Smoking joints is a lot simpler in many ways. Pipes are a far more sustainable option, however. They can also enhance your smoking experience, giving you a cleaner smoke as there is no paper involved. On the other hand, weed pipes require cleaning and a little upkeep if you want to keep getting a smooth hit.

Common Causes of Blocked Weed Pipes

There are a few reasons that weed pipes get blocked. The most common reasons include the following:

There’s a build-up of debris.

The more you smoke, the more debris starts to build up in allparts of the pipe. Over time, the residue and tiny particles of weed start to create a thick layer on the inside of the pipe. This can gradually affect the quality of your smoke, blocking up important parts and making it harder for the weed to burn evenly. You will end up coughing up a lung or you will battle to get a proper hit. Regular cleaning is essential to remove that debris. You should ideally clean your pipe after every use. But at the very least, aim to clean it every few days.  

You’re not cleaning it properly.

When you’re cleaning your pipe, make sure that you do it properly. If you don’t do this, you may end up removing the more obvious layer of residue without removing all of it completely. Using the pipe again will continue building up layers of residue, which is never fully removed. Ourbong and pipe cleaning kit has everything you need for cleaning your pipe. You can also view our guide tocleaning your pipe for expert advice on how to get (and keep) your pipe nice and clean. 

It’s not drying completely. 

After cleaning your pipe, it needs to dry out completely. If your pipe has multiple parts, you will have to ensure that each part is fully dry. The same applies to small pipes and one-hitters. Air drying is the best choice. Leave the pipe somewhere dry and cool, making sure that no dust or dirt gets onto the pipe as it dries. Always make sure that the pipe is dry before loading it up. If there are still traces of water, weed will stick to the inside. Residue will build up much more quickly, too, leaving you with a sticky mess and a harsh smoke. 

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