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How to Clean Your Weed Pipe

Remove old residue and get a cleaner smoke with ourweed pipecleaning tips. Whether you prefer the taste of a traditional wooden pipe or you have a collection ofnovelty pipes, your weed pipe will eventually need a good clean.

Pipe cleaning should ideally be done when you start to notice a build-up of residue or you notice a difference in taste. 

Try These Weed Pipe Cleaning Tips

To get the best results from weed pipe cleaning, follow these simple tips:

Mix hot water and cleaning solution.

Boiling water can warp wood and weaken glass - especially over time. Instead, use hot water. Add a cleaning solution of your choice to the water.

This could include equal parts rubbing alcohol to water or something milder such as Epsom salt or white vinegar.

Whatever type of cleaning solution you use, make sure that it is combined well. 

Let it soak for a while.

Place your pipe into a container with a lid or an open bowl then pour the hot water and cleaning solution and make sure that all parts of the pipe are submerged.

If you have a metal pipe with multiple parts, disassemble the pipe and soak pieces individually rather than soaking the whole pipe.

This will ensure that all parts get a good soak. 

Shake it up.

If you are using a container with a lid, close the lid and shake the pipe into its cleaning solution to agitate and remove even more residue.

You can skip this step if you are cleaning in an open bowl or you can place the pipe and water mixture into a resealable bag and shake it in the bag. 

Use a pipe cleaner.

To finish, use a pipe cleaner, pipe brush, cotton bud or something similar that can get around the corners and into the pipe to remove lingering residue. Get as much out as you can and then follow up with a rinse in hot water.

Once your pipe has been fully cleaned and rinsed, leave it somewhere to air dry. Do not use until it is completely dry.

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