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Weed Bong Advantages & Disadvantages

There are some who will only ever use aweed bong. There are others who hate bongs and prefer pipes, joints or dab rigs. That’s not to say that bongs are either good or bad for smoking. They have their own pros and cons, just like every other way to smoke. Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice. What is the best choice for you, then? Keep reading to find out more about weed bong pros and cons.

Should You Go With a Weed Bong?

There are a few things about bongs that make them either the best way to smoke or the worst. This will largely come down to preference. But it can also come down to some of the features of bongs themselves. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether a weed bong is a good bet.

On one hand...

Let’s start with the good stuff. Bongs use water, which helps to filter weed, giving you a muchcleaner smoke than a pipe or a joint. The water cools as you smoke, which makes it easier to inhale. A lot of residue separates from the smoke, building up on the inside of the bong rather than getting inhaled as you smoke. Bongs give you really big hits, which means you feel the effect faster. They are also pretty easy to clean.

On the other hand…

Although water gives you a smoother smoke, it can filter out THC a bit more than other tars. This means that you may have to smoke a bit more weed to get the full effect. Luckily, you get nice big hits from bongs, and most hold a good quantity of herb. Another downside is that you have to change the bong water often. If you don’t, the water will start tasting and smelling nasty, which is never good for your smoking experience. 

The only way to know whether bongs are a good choice is to give them a try and see for yourself. If you’d rather try another way to smoke, you could look atdabbing,pipes or joints. As your trusted headshop since 2010, Puff has everything you need under one roof, including a great selection of weed bongs.

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