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Dabbing vs Vaping vs Smoking

Weed dabbing, vaping and smoking all have their own benefits. How do you know which is the right choice for your needs? Ask any weed enthusiast this question and you will get many different answers. Some love the ease of vaping, while others prefer the concentrated hit they get from dabbing. Then you get the die-hard pipe, bong and joint smokers who will never see the point in anything other than smoking. Luckily, you don’t have to pick just one way to enjoy your weed. You can invest in a few tools, including good quality papers, a pipe or two, a decent bong, a dabbing rig and a vape pen. Or, you can have a read through our comparison to see which option looks like the right choice.

Dabbing, Vaping or Smoking - Which is Best?

Here’s how weed dabbing compares to vaping and smoking.


Dabbing requires a specific tool known as a dabbing rig. These are a little like bongs and also use water. However, they use a nail instead of a bowl. A glass rig is ideal for dabbing. Using a dabbing pen, a tiny amount of concentrate is placed onto the rig’s quartz nail, which has been heated using a jet torch lighter. The concentrate is vaporised, passing through the water and inhaled. 


Vaping is done using vape pens. Also known asvaporisers, these gadgets are small and discrete, easily fitting into a pocket. Weed is heated through a vape pen, producing vapour instead of smoke. Unlike smoking, which results from weed being ignited by a direct heat source, hot air is blasted through the weed in a vape pen, creating a vapour. After exhaling, the vapour quickly dissipates. The vapour can often be milder than smoke, making it a healthier choice and a good point for those not used to smoking. 


Smoking is a simple and effective way to enjoy your weed. There are three main ways to smoke -joints, pipes and bongs. For newbies, joints are often the starting point. Rolling can take a little practice. Pre-rolled cones make the process much easier. They can be packed and used even if you havenever rolled a joint before. If you’re used to rolling, you can look for quality hemp papers and wicks that give a cleaner smoke.Pipes are also ideal for all levels, including beginners. Simple one-hitter pipes are extremely easy to use (and compact enough to carry with you).Bongs are great if you’re looking for a tried-and-tested way to enjoy your smoke.

Whichever option you prefer, Puff has all the gear you need in one place, from weed dabbing rigs to pipes, bongs, papers and everything else.

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