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Can a Dabbing Rig Grow Mould?

Something you may not ever think will happen to yourdabbing rig is mould. No smoker wants to think about mould when dabbing. Although it’s not a fun thing to think about, it’s essential that you know how to prevent this from happening. To help you avoid the chance of mould growing in your dabbing rig, we’ve put together some tips.

Why Your Dabbing Rig has Grown Mould

Avoidance is obviously best when it comes to mould and any type of smoking device. If you have noticed any signs of mould or mildew in your dabbing rig, here’s what could be the cause.

Not cleaning properly.

The biggest risk of mould comes from the water in your rig. Leaving dirty water in your rig after smoking increases the risk of mould. Leaving it once or twice is bad enough but leaving water in your rig for a long time can be very dangerous. You do not want to be inhaling mould spores! To avoid this from happening, always empty your rig and replace it with clean water. You should alsoclean the rig on a regular basis to prevent a build-up of resin and stains on the inside of the glass.

Using before it’s dry.

Although you’ll be replacing the water and cleaning the rig often, you should also make sure that it is fully dry before it’s used. Nails and other parts of the rig should always be completely dry, inside and out. If water gets stuck betweendabbing joints and the bowl, there is an increased chance of mould setting in where you can’t easily see any dark spots. Take the rig apart, clean each part fully in warm soapy water and then leave the individual parts somewhere dry and ventilated until all parts are dry.

Poor quality rigs.

Finally, another cause for mould and other issues is a poor quality rig. Any rig that has loose attachments or parts that don’t fully fit together will not be airtight. This means that you are exposing yourself to potential pathogens when you smoke because there is no seal. If any mould or contaminants get into the water through any gaps between parts, you will not easily notice until there are visible signs. You do not want to take that chance. You may think you are saving money by getting a cheap rig. Poor quality products will always end up costing you more in the long run, however. Aside from being a potential health risk, they are more likely to break or not work as well as a quality rig. 

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