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3 Reasons Your Bong Doesn't Work

Wondering why your bong doesn’t work? Few things are more frustrating than loading your bong, lighting up and then not getting a proper hit. You may think yourbong is broken. Of course, that should be the first thing you consider. If you’ve dropped it or you’ve bought a cheap bong, it may simply be defective or chipped. In most cases, there are other reasons your bong doesn’t work besides the bong being broken, however.

Why Your Bong Doesn’t Work

Here are just a few reasons your bong doesn’t work properly. 

1/ It needs to be cleaned

A common reason for bongs to stop working properly is a build-up of resin. If you have not given your bong a good clean for a while, it is likely clogged up. This will affect your smoke in a few ways. First, it will start to taste off. Then, it will start to burn, with a harsh smoke. Finally, you will find that it stops working properly and doesn’t release enough smoke. The build-up of resin starts to prevent smoke from getting through the herb. It can also affect the bowl of the bong, causing the water to stop bubbling properly.

2/ It’s not packed properly

You may also battle to get a decent smoke if your bong is not packed properly. You don’t want to force too much weed into the bong. This will make it harder for smoke to travel upwards from the bowl. You don’t want the weed to be too loosely packed, either, however. This will make the smoke go through the weed too quickly, and you’ll end up with harsh, dirty smoke. Make sure that your bong is packed properly so that the weed burns evenly. While you’re at it,use the right lighter, too. A butane torch lighter is ideal to burn the weed evenly at the right temperature.

3/ It is assembled wrong

Have you assembled the bong with all the parts in the right place? Even though parts may seem to fit, they may not be in the right position. A poorly assembled bong will not work. Always make sure to use the right parts, in the right place. If you’re new to smoking bongs, you may want to stick to simple bongs that don’t have too many parts. You’ll soon get the hang of putting everything together when you move up to something more complex.

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