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A Guide to Dabbing Joints

Dabbing joints may all look very similar. All have the same purpose - putting your rig together. But there are a few key differences that you’ll need to know. If you’re stillnew to dabbing and you’re investing in a full rig rather than a small dabber/bong or pipe combo, you’ll need to know about joints. To get you started, we’ve put together a few key things to consider when selectingdabbing joints.

Understanding Dabbing Joints

In a rig, dabbing joints are made to connect each part to form the rig. There are two genders - male and female. Joints also come in a range of sizes made to fit each part carefully. Many nails are angled, which means another thing to consider when putting your rig together. 


First things first, let’s talk about gender. There are male and female joints. To determine which nails you will need, you will need to know whether your water pipe has a male or female joint. Female joints are wider, while male joints are thinner. Male accessories are made to fit into female joints. This means that you will need to choose male accessories if your water pipe has a female joint and vice versa. Choosing the wrong gender will make it impossible to put your rig together. 


You will also need to check that you have the right sizes. Needless to say, choosing nails or other accessories that are too big or too small for your water pipe will never work. Both male and female joints range from 10mm to 19mm, with 14mm being the most common size. For male joints, the external diameter of the joint is measured, and for female joints, the internal diameter is measured to get the size.


When it comes to dab nail angles, some have a neck of 45 degrees while others have a neck of 90 degrees. The angle of the nail will depend on the angle of the water pipe joint. It is vital to get the right angle so that the nail always faces upwards once the rig is connected. As a general rule of thumb, choose a45-degree nail if your water pipe is sloped at a diagonal position. Choose a90-degree nail if the water pipe faces upwards.

You can use these guidelines when shopping for individual dabbing accessories. Otherwise, to make things easier, you can invest in a completedabbing rig kit that has all the right parts in one kit. You’ll find dabbing joints, nails and everything else you need right here at Puff.

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