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Weed Bong Storage Guidelines

A huge part of enjoying yourweed bong is making sure it keeps going for years to come. Cleaning, care and storage are not always something you want to think about when it comes to your smoking experience. After a relaxing night enjoying Netflix with your bong and a few friends, you may be tempted to leave your bong on a table and go to bed. It won’t cause too much damage if you do this now and then. 

When you do this often, you will start to notice that yoursmoke is not as smooth. Worse, you may come in one morning to find the bong in pieces on the floor, gross water everywhere and a cat where your bong once sat on the table. Storing your bong properly will prevent issues like this, keeping it working well and giving you full enjoyment with every smoke.

Weed Bong Storage Tips

These tips will help you to store your weed bong the right way.

Pack away when not in use

The most important thing of all is to pack your bong away when it’s not in use. Whether you have a special case for your bong or it has a safe spot that it lives in when it’s not being used, you will need to get into the habit of taking it off the coffee table until you use it again.

Make sure your bong is clean

You will also need to make sure that you give your bong a good clean before you pack it away.Cleaning your bong regularly is essential. You will need to clear out the water, remove any residue, take the bong apart and clean each part carefully in warm soapy water. Let it air dry overnight to prevent mould. 

Keep it somewhere safe

If you have a beautiful glass bong that deserves to be showcased, you can use a shelf. Make sure that the shelf cannot be easily accessed by cats, kids or any other disturbances. A bookshelf that you use often may not be the best spot. Ideally, you want a spot that is fully protected, such as a cupboard or case. This spot should be cool and dry. 

Store your bong correctly and it will reward you with many years of great smoking. Looking for the perfect bong? Puff has a selection of weed bongs to suit every budget and preference, includingglass,silicone andother styles.

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