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Are Weed Bong Hits Cleaner Than Blunts?

One of the greatest debates among smokers is how weed bong hits compare to blunt hits. Ultimately, the choice between bong and blunt comes down to personal preference. Some prefer enjoying their weed on the go, with an easy to carry stash bag, rolling papers and other gear kept in a pocket or bag. Others will never part with their beloved bongs. 

Personal preference aside, are weed bong hits cleaner than blunts? Or is there not much of a difference one way or another? If you’re new to the scene or you’ve always stuck to blunts because you’re in safe territory, you may be wondering how they compare.

Weed Bong Hits vs Blunt Hits

The answer to this question comes down to how the herb is carried into your mouth and lungs as you smoke. Weed bongs and blunts are very different, and these differences are what affects the quality of your smoke.  


Bongs are essentially water filtration devices. There are many, many designs (have a look at ourbong selection to get an idea of the variety). All have the same functionality and basic parts. These include a water container, a draw pipe and a bowl for your herb. When the weed is lit, filtered smoke passes through the water before moving upwards through the pipe as you inhale. The main upside to bongs is that they filter out the nasty stuff, allowing you to get a cleaner smoke without that burning feeling you sometimes get when smoking blunts or pipes. You will also get a bigger hit, which is always a plus. 


Blunts or joints use direct combustion. Carefully packed and rolled blunts are lit and smoked. You are smoking all parts of the weed. If you stick to quality weed, make sure you grind your herb properly and ensure that your blunts are packed properly, you shouldn’t get a harsh smoke. It can take a bit of practice to get this right. If your blunt is too loose or you’re using poor qualitypapers, you will end up coughing with some pretty harsh smoke. That’s not to say that blunts don’t have their place. They’re still an easy way to enjoy your herb and the better they’re packed, the better they’ll taste. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. 

So which is cleaner, then? Bongs are generally your go-to for aclean, smooth smoke. To make sure you get the cleanest smoke, it is essential to look after your bong properly. Abong cleaning kit is a great way to keep getting the smoothest hit. You’ll find cleaning kits plus a wide variety of weed bongs in the Puff store. 

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