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3 Tips for a Clean Weed Bong Smoke

Used and cared for properly, aweed bong should give you a clean, smooth smoke. Bongs are a great tool that will see you through many years. They can get you a much bigger hit than joints and smaller equipment like pipes, however. For many new bong smokers, there is a very fine balance between a good hit of clean smoke and a big hit of smoke that has your lungs burning instantly. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get the best smoking experience from your weed bong.

Getting a Clean Weed Bong Smoke

Here are a few things that will give you a clean smoke when enjoying your weed bong.

1/ Clean your equipment.

We cannot stress this one enough. Over time, residue builds up in your bong. It gets into the bowl as well as the various other parts. This residue will eventually start to affect the taste and quality of your smoke. Before you know it, you’ll end up with a harsh smoke that tastes awful. Cleaning your bong is easy, whether you have a glass bong or a silicone bong. All you’ll need is some hot soapy water, a cotton bud and somewhere well-ventilated to make sure that the bong is completely dry before you use it again after cleaning. For best results, take it apart and clean each part individually. You can also use asteel brush after each use to clear out any debris.

2/ Grind your weed properly.

You may have a sparkling clean bong but you’re still not getting a smooth smoke. If your weed is not ground properly, it will be harder to pack into the bowl. This, in turn, will make it burn too quickly. When that happens, you will get a much harsher smoke. Look for a good quality herb grinder that will grind evenly rather than doing it by hand. It will save you time and effort in the process.

3/ Use a decent lighter.

You’ll need theright lighter, too. Matches and regular lighters will never give you the same results as a decent jet torch lighter. You want to make sure that all your weed burns evenly, at the same time. Regular lighters do not make this possible. They burn at a much lower temperature than jet torch lighters, which quickly and easily burn your herb at a higher temperature. Torch lighters are also much safer, reducing the risk of burnt fingers. 

Of course, a poorly designed bong will also never give you the same experience that a good quality bong will deliver. Ultimately, the quality of smoke comes down to having the right tools (and the best weed). 

Puff has everything you need for a clean smoke, every time. Fromseeds all the way to bongs, grinders, lighters, andaccessories, you’re sure to find the best weed bong in our online store.

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