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How to Clean Your Bong

Whether you’re a new smoker or trying to get a cleaner smoke, these bong cleaning tips will help you get yourbong sparkly clean. It is essential to clean your bong to avoid residue build-up. When all that gunk starts to build-up, it soon affects the taste.

You don’t need any special supplies to start bong cleaning other than a few things you probably already have at home. 

Try These Bong Cleaning Tips

Get your bong nice and clean with these simple bong cleaning steps. To get started, here’s what you need to do...


First things first, get all your supplies ready. You will need white vinegar or rubbing alcohol and bicarb or coarse salt. You’ll also need a sink full of hot water. Latex gloves can help as well.

Get the water nice and hot, then add your combination of vinegar/alcohol and salt/bicarb into the water.


Now that you’ve got everything ready, you can start with a basic rinse. Don’t worry too much about trying to get off all the residue during the rinse.

You are removing large particles and preparing the bong for a thorough clean, so you won’t need to spend much time on the rinse.


Once it’s rinsed, gently disassemble the bong. Then, carefully clean each individual part in the water. Use a small brush to get into the corners. Pipe cleaners can also be used along with clean dish sponges or cloths.

Rub residue off gently without damaging theglass, rinsing off as you go.

Once the bong is clean, clear out the water and run the clean bong parts underneath the cold tap for a final rinse.


Finally, put out a clean dish towel or some newspaper and place each part down to dry. Keep the drying parts somewhere safe and out of reach of kids or pets.

Let the parts dry completely before using the bong. 

As you can see, keeping your bong clean is not too much of a mission thanks to these simple bong cleaning tips.

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