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Why is Rolling a Joint so Hard?

Why is rolling a joint so hard? This is a question that is often asked by new smokers. In theory, rolling the perfect joint should be relatively quick and easy. In reality, it takes a bit of patience and a lot of practice to perfect your rolling skills. 

There are a few things that make rolling a bit of a challenge. Getting the right thickness without under or over-stuffing is one of the biggest challenges. You don’t want to have a loose joint that tastes awful and burns your throat. You don’t want to keep breaking your papers trying to force a lot of weed in too tightly, either. You want a joint that is nicely packed, with a tightly rolled filter tip that lets the smoke pass through the joint smoothly. You will also need to pack the weed evenly, leaving just enough space for the top to be rolled tightly and the filter tip to create a proper seal. Don’t forget togrind your weed until it’s fine enough to smoke.

There are a few products that will go a long way in helping you get the hang of rolling a joint. 

Essential Products for Rolling a Joint

Having the right tools at hand will make all the difference when rolling a joint. Using cheap products will seldom give you a perfectly rolled spliff. Wasting time and weed trying to smoke badly rolled joints is never ideal. Here are some things you’ll need to get started.

Try weed cones. 

We recommend starting with weed cones if you have not rolled joints before. Weed cones are perfect if you are still perfecting your rolling techniques. They create perfect, cone shapes joints that are wider at the tip and thinner at the bottom. These include pre-rolled cones that are already perfectly rolled. Pre-rolled cones are less likely to break compared to regular joints as they are made from slightly thicker paper. If you’ve had a bit of experience with rolling, you can also use papers andGerricks.Cone loaders will make things easier, making sure that the weed is packed tightly and evenly. 

Choose quality papers and tips.

If you’d rather master the skill of hand rolling, you’ll need good papers. Most cheap papers you buy at your local corner store are made of bleached paper. These will usually result in very smoky joints that burn your throat. It’s better to stock up on good quality papers made of unbleached paper or, better yet,hemp. When you have quality papers, you will be able to roll good spliffs. They won’t fall apart in your kit or burn too quickly. Stocking up onready-cut tips will also make things easier. It is essential that tips are rolled tightly to fit the end of your spliff. Pre-cut tips will save you having to guess the right length and width. 

Once you’ve gotten your supplies, you can start practicing. Using a weed cone will make things easier at first until you’re ready to roll from scratch. Puff has everything you need to start rolling spliffs like a pro - browse ourfull product collection to shop online now.

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