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Perfecting The Rolled Joint

There is an art to rolling the perfect joint; it enhances not only the flavour of the blend but also your experience. While the weed community is ever-growing and welcoming, information on how to roll is rarely passed down properly. That could be because people usually converse with their best tips while smoking, so it’s hard to recall the exact process of getting it done. 

Before you begin, you will need the necessary items such as agrinder,rolling papers and a crutch. This article is a great source to refer back to as you hone this craft. Here’s what you need to know. 

Start The Grind

Depending on the strain you have, it must be adequately dried. The risk with wet weed is that it may have sprouted mould and can be harmful on inhalation. Moreso, the moisture goes straight to your lungs and will lead to conditions such as pneumonia and bronchitis. 

Once you are happy with the condition of your weed, it is time to start grinding it down. This small gadget is useful in getting even small pieces. While grinding is up to preference, the more minute your blend, the more enjoyable it is. It is always advisable to avoid using your hands to grind down weed as it can lead to trichomes (cannabis flowers) transferring onto your skin and then risk further spreading.

Make A Filter 

Making a filter is usually the step that confuses beginners but it can be simplified by thinking of the filter as an attachment of your joint. Most people use thin cardboard placed towards the end of where your joint is. From here, you can start by folding your paper. We recommend following an accordion-type fold while doing this. The filter can prevent you from burning your fingers and allows you to hold the joint easily. 

Pack It Up 

Human nature may persuade you to fill as much weed into your joint, but we can assure you that this does not always guarantee a good smoke. Using your filter, you can start shuffling your grounds into the paper as you roll. This step usually involves practice, so we always encourage our customers to try making joints with weed to find their style and flow. 

After you have filled up, it’s time to start packing, which means you will usually roll the joint back and forth. This starts to compact inside and ensures that the grounds do not fall out. It is key to roll the edges of each side up during this step too. 

Call It A Day 

You are almost at the finish line now! All that is left to do is close up your joint tightly. You can do this by sealing off the edge by simply licking the remaining edge and sticking it up on the side. After this, you can pack it off on one side to make sure you have an even joint. Now you’re ready to smoke!

The other advantage of rolling perfectly is that it will make you feel like a cannabis connoisseur, but there is more value to it than you realise. Good joints are reliant on an even blend, resulting in a more well-balanced smoke and learning how to roll can get you there. 

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