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Essential Paraphernalia Every Weed Smoker Should Have

While there is not much needed to enjoy some weed, a few handy accessories can make your marijuana smoking experience a lot more enjoyable. Here are a handful of smoking accessories that can enhance the cannabis experience and that every cannabis user should have in their kit. 

A Grinder 

Old-school smokers might pick their marijuana apart using their fingertips, but this can make your fingers smell while being arduous and time-consuming. Some people also use scissors. However, nothing quite beats using a grinder. Agrinder is a small canister that can be twisted to grind up marijuana buds evenly inside its ‘teeth’, making it ready to smoke in seconds. Grinding up the weed also creates a greater surface area, resulting in a stronger high when smoked.

Odour-proof Bag

Another useful tool to have is an odour-proof bag. Having strong-smelling cannabis can be nice for those who smoke. However, the pungent aroma can be off-putting to others in public areas if you carry it in your bag, car, or even in your home. Having an odour-proof bag simplifies transporting weed and can help you avoid embarrassing situations.

Pipe Cleaning Tools

Having apipe cleaner is an essential part of your smoking kit. If you use a bong or a pipe, ensuring that your instrument is clean will ensure you have a faster and smoother high every time.

A clean pipe or bong will also help you to maximise your weed so that you don't waste it because it will burn more efficiently. It will conserve your marijuana and make it go further. In addition, it can prevent your exposure to bacteria. Bacteria can grow in the weed pipe owing to the moisture from your breath. Cleaning your pipe regularly will ensure that infection doesn't set in and that you have a healthy toke every time.


It is not often discussed, but having an array of stoner-specific toiletries on hand is an essential part of enjoying your marijuana, such as things to help with bloodshot eyes and strong breath. You could have a pack of chewing gum, a bottle of eyedrops and perhaps an air freshener or a can of deodorant on hand to ensure that you look and smell clean and respectable at all times, no matter how high you may be. Hand sanitiser is also a good idea as this removes the potential stains and smells from your hands after handling marijuana.

Rolling Machine

If you are not a bong smoker but prefer to roll, a rolling machine makes the rolling of high-quality joints quick and easy. What’s more, it ensures a consistent roll every time, whether you're new to rolling or a seasoned expert. A rolling machine can help you make the process quicker, less messy and more predictable. This helps you better measure out your weed so that you can plan your quantities with more predictability every time.

At Puff, we supply an extensive range of useful weed-smoking paraphernalia across South Africa. For the best quality equipment for the best experience, order online today!

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