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The Filter 101 Guide

Once you have perfected rolling a joint, you may find yourself testing out different methods, all types of rolling papers and other accessories to see how else to improve your craft and smoking. With time you would have realised that using a filter, in particular, is a must for an enhanced joint. But when short on time, you may forgo adding a filter and most probably will regret it. 

We understand and can all say that we have all made the mistake before in the cannabis community. But as you gain more experience, you should prioritise adding filters. Filters should be essential to the art of rolling a joint, and this informative article can help you understand why.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using a filter. 


Reduce Your Weed Waste

How many half-smoked joints have you had to put out and dispose of because you ended up burning lips? Filters are rather useful in creating space between the joint and your mouth. Thus you can enjoy your entire joint without getting burnt in the process. Instead of wasting your time, effort and weed, filters can help you avoid throwing away blunts. 

Perfect Your Rolled Joints

Learning how to roll joints is an invaluable skill, and you will quickly realise that you need a filter to give you more flexibility as you work. The filter acts as a structure to guide you as you fill up the joint. But more than that, it makes it easier to hold and smoke. This way, you can savour your smoke without fear of spilling your weed or burning your fingers.

Creates More Consistent Smokes

Uneven, improperly packed joints are not pleasant to smoke at all. You will have a poor experience, leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth too. Filters are extremely handy in supporting consistent smoking because it encourages airflow within the joint. Evenness and consistency are extremely important with weed smoking. 

Hygiene Is Hot

Lastly, another advantage of using filters with your joints is that you have improved hygiene with your friends. Filters act as a measure to prevent saliva from soaking into the joint and then being swapped around with your smoking circle. Furthermore, no one enjoys a soggy blunt which is one way of ruining the atmosphere in the room. 

These are just a handful of reasons to persuade you into becoming pro-filter with every joint. Once you have more insight into just how many benefits filters can offer you, you will ensure that you always add them to your joints. 

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