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Glass or Silicone Weed Bongs - Which is Best?

Wondering which is better - glass or silicone weed bongs? Both glass and silicone have their own pros and cons. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may find that either of these bongs will be a good choice. To give you an idea of how they compare, we’ve put together some info on each of these weed bongs.

Glass vs Silicone Weed Bongs

There are a few main factors that will influence your choice - durability, cleaning, taste, and price. Here’s how these two weed bongs differ in these factors.


Glass has always been the most popular choice for bongs, and for good reason, too. The type of glass used to make bongs is extremely tough and heat resistant. That doesn’t mean thatglass bongs are indestructible, however. If they happen to be dropped, parts may break or you may end up with cracks. On the upside, glass is very easy to clean. Basic bongs are relatively affordable and there is no risk of any chemicals or funny tastes when using your bong for the first time. Glass does not absorb smells or tastes over time, either. 


Silicone bongs have become more popular in recent years. These bongs are made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone that can withstand even the hottest temperatures. They are virtually impossible to break if they are dropped. They are also fairly affordable - cheaper than glass in some cases. On the flip side, silicone can sometimes leave lingering scents and flavours over time. They can be cleaned easily and dry quickly. They do not have the same number of accessories that are available with glass bongs and many are fairly simple in design compared to fully equipped glass bongs.

The good news is that you don’t have tochoose just one type of bong. Your best bet is to stock up on a few good quality bongs in silicone and glass. You could look for a simple silicone bong that can be taken just about everywhere without any risk of breakage. You could invest in a good quality glass bong that has all the accessories you need for a superb smoking experience. 

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