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Why Choose Quartz Dabbing Bangers?

Quartz dabbing bangers have become a popular alternative to metal, ceramic and even glass nails. Although quartz may look like glass at a quick glance, it has many different properties. Quartz is a mineral made up of oxygen and silicon. Also known as fused silica, this material is extremely durable compared to glass and ceramic. It is also fast-heating, heat-resistant and even able to improve taste whendabbing. These properties make quartz dabbing bangers a great choice for those looking for a banger that will last.

Benefits of Quartz Dabbing Bangers

The biggest benefits of quartz dabbing bangers are as follows:


Quartz heats up extremely quickly. Although titanium stays hotter for longer, the ability to heat and cool faster is always a plus. This makes it easier to get your banger to the ideal temperature quickly. You’ll be able to add your concentrate and get smoking without the risk of overheating. Smoking at a lower temperature means more flavour, too.


Another way that quartz helps to improve the taste is that it gives you a clean, pure flavour. Even thoughtitanium does not always leave a metallic taste while you’re smoking, it can leave a bit of an after-taste. Quartz is flavourless. This means that you get the full taste of the concentrate. Some smokers like to season their bangers before smoking for the first time. This is done by heating the banger and wiping off any impurities, heating a little hotter than you would for dabbing and adding a small bit of concentrate. Rather than inhaling, let the concentrate smoke and season the pores of the quartz.


Quartz bangers come in a variety of shapes, including45 and90-degree angles. Titanium nails are usually straight. Quartz bangers are often curved, with mail joints that fit into yourdabbing rig. The bend in these bangers helps to direct the heat from your torch away from the water pipe, reducing heat stress and the risk of cracking when the joint is heated directly. Paired with a directional airflow carb cap, the shape of these bangers take your dabbing to a whole new level. Other shapes are straight, with male and female joints and a quartz tip.

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