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Everything You Need for Smoking Weed on The Go

When it comes to smoking weed, carrying your gear around can be a pain. Having your go-to essentials on hand will allow you to enjoy a smoke, wherever you go. Puff has a wide range of products that are compact enough to fit into your pocket. With these portable mixing pouches, grinders and pipes, smoking weed can be done on the go. This means no more searching through your bag to find your kit. Instead, you’ll have what you need right there, for easy access at all times.

Portable Tools for Smoking Weed

Although you’ll still want a small bag to keep your stash safe, you can find one small enough to fit into your pocket. Once you’ve found a small bag or box that doesn’t take up space, you’ll need a few compact and portable tools for smoking weed when you’re on the move.

Mixing bowl.

A small mixing bowl can easily double up as a keyring or fit inside a front pocket without taking up much space. Look for small bowls such as aleather and hemp bowl. This bowl has a keyring, with a leather lining that will keep your stash dry. Once the bowl is fully opened, you can easily mix your herb.

Metal card grinder. 

Although most grinders are small, they can be a little bulky. If you’re short on pocket space, you may want something easier to carry. Themetal card grinder from Puff is the size of a credit card. This slim grinder works a little like a cheese grater, grinding your herb finely. Used alongside your portable mixing bowl, you’ll be able to grind up your weed quickly and easily. You can even keep this grinder in your wallet.

One hitter pipe.

Papers and filter tips don’t take up much room at all.One hitter pipes take up even less room, however. These pipes are small and thin, holding just enough weed for a quick smoke. If you’re not up for sharing, these are a must. If you’re heading out with friends, you can pack papers and your pipe. 

As a trusted head shop offering a wide range of products, from seeds to accessories, Puff makes it easy to find what you need online. Browse ourfeatured products collection to find all the essentials you want for smoking weed on the go.

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