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Reasons Why Using A Bong Is Better

As somebody who enjoys smoking cannabis, you know there are multiple ways to go about it. You could smoke it by using a hand-rolled joint, pipe, or vaping concentrated cannabis oil. You could even eat it.

However, few options are as popular as a bong.

Let us look at the advantages of smoking marijuana through a bong.


When smoking weed through a joint, it can be difficult to measure the amount of weed needed. As a result, you often end up guesstimating. Through this process, you can sometimes put a little too much or too little product into a joint. Either way, you're obliged to smoke it to completion, as a half-finished joint is smelly, unsightly and difficult to deal with. Because of this, it is common to end up using too much weed per session.

What's more, when you smoke a joint, it burns continuously, even when you're not breathing in the smoke, which also wastes precious product. On the contrary, when you smoke a bong, it only really burns when you inhale. It allows you to have a much more controlled experience because it is far more efficient.

Because it is more efficient, it might help you form healthier consumption habits, so you don’t have to smoke as much to get high. At the very least, using a bong will help you stretch your weed a little further and prevent you from excessive waste.

It's Healthier

There are different ways to smoke weed with differing effects on your health. Typically, when you roll a joint, you need to include tobacco ‒ about ¼ of the joint ‒ to help the joint to burn more evenly. As a result, you are forced to ingest harmful toxins that come with tobacco, thereby making joints an unhealthy option. In addition to the tobacco, you also breathe in rolling paper smoke.

When you smoke through a bong, you only breathe in pure marijuana and nothing else. Plus, the smoke is cooled and filtered by the water, thereby reducing the amount of toxins that pass into the lungs. This creates a smoother and overall healthier experience.

Better Flavour

When smoking through a bong, there are various ways to enhance the flavour, whereas when smoking a joint, there is little to nothing you can do about it.

When smoking through a bong, you can do many things to enhance the sensory experience. For example, you could put ice in the water to cool the smoke down further and create a much smoother toke, or you could put flavouring in the water to give the natural weed flavours a little twist, such as apple or lemon, for example.

Additionally, because of the airtight delivery system of water acting as a filter, smoking through a bong provides a more full-bodied, pure and smooth hit than anything else can offer. Typically, smoking a joint burns the throat, whereas smoking through a bong creates a more well-rounded experience.

Bigger Hits

Smoking from a bong creates a stronger and bigger hit because of how water cools the smoke. This makes it a lot easier to handle a lung full of smoke as opposed to smoking from a joint, which can burn. The smoothness and the coolness that the water allows you to take a rather massive toke, creating a bigger high and more intense experience.

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