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Common Weed Pipe Issues to Avoid

Weed pipes are one of the simplest, best ways to enjoy your herb. Most of the time, you shouldn’t have any hassle. Now and then, however, you may run into a problem. The most common issues have more to do with how you use and care for your pipe rather than the pipe itself. However, using a poor quality weed pipe will increase your chance of problems. 

Stay Clear of These Weed Pipe Issues

To get the best smoking experience from your weed pipe, here are some of the most common issues to avoid.

Your pipe is leaking

This one isn’t as common as the other problems but it may still happen at some point. Sometimes, resin leaks out of the pipe in liquid form. It looks awful and tastes pretty bad, however it is nothing toxic so you don’t have to worry. If your pipe is leaking a dark brown liquid, it may be because the inside of the pipe is not fully dry after cleaning. The herb may be pulling too hard, which increases debris build-up. Your weed may be too finely ground, which also increases the build-up. It could also be condensation from a cold pipe being heated up and then cooling off. Make sure your pipe is dry, try using a filter or try warming up the pipe a little bit then tapping out the liquid from the carb hole onto a paper towel.

Your pipe is blocked

If yourpipe is blocked, you won’t get a decent hit. This issue is very common and it’s easy to fix, too. The biggest reason that a pipe gets blocked is that you have packed it too full. If you have stuffed the pipe, there is no airflow coming through the herb. If you have not ground your weed properly, it will also increase the odds of blockage. The easiest way to prevent a blocked pipe is to find the balance between packing too tightly and packing too loosely. Another reason for blocked pipes is not cleaning often enough or not cleaning properly. Use abong and pipe cleaner and abrush to remove all debris and residue. Make sure that the pipe is completely dry before you use it again. 

Your pipe is cracking

This problem is less about using the pipe and more about the pipe itself. Acheap pipe will never give you a good smoke. You may save a few Rand initially, but you will end up having to keep getting new pipes when yours breaks. Pipes crack when they are not made of heat-resistant glass or plastic. The best way to get around this issue is to invest in a decent pipe. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Puff offers a huge variety of pipes for every budget. 

We hope these tips help you navigate your weed pipe issues so that you can continue to enjoy your herb without any hassles.

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