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Why Consider a Small Weed Pipe?

Small weed pipes typically take the form of one-hit pipes. As their name suggests, these pipes are designed for a quick hit (two if you’re really lucky) rather than a longer smoke. They are ideal when you need a short boost and don’t want the hassle of grinding and preparing larger amounts of weed. In this guide, we take a look at some of the benefits offered by these small weed pipes to see why everyone needs at least one on hand.

Why We Love One-Hit Weed Pipes

These mini pipes are small and easy to slip into a pocket. Some are cleverly designed to resemble pens or other shapes, while others have a classic design. Top reasons to get aone-hit weed pipe or few include the following:

Easy to use.

This type of pipe requires minimal effort. You don’t need to whip out the grinder and you don’t need more than a biggish pinch of weed at a time. Grab a pinch, grind it with your fingers and place into the pipe and then enjoy. Once you’re done, you can do a quick tap to empty the pipe. Reuse as needed or pack it away until you need your next boost.

Easy to store.

Due to their small size, these pipes are incredibly easy to store. They can easily fit into a pocket, handbag, wallet or purse. They can be stored in a stash bag for easy access. They are so small, in fact, that it’s best to keep them somewhere you know they won’t get lost. A stash bag is an ideal choice, as they will stay with your stash without being hard to find. Mini novelty pipes are often easier to find, but harder to hide, due to their irregular shape. 

Easy to clean.

These pipes are very easy to clean. As we briefly mentioned above, they can be emptied with a quick tap or two. Use as needed and when residue builds up, do a quick clean. They can be cleaned the same way you clean regular-sized pipes, using hot soapy water and pipe cleaners. Earbuds can be used for small pipes. Due to their size, this pipe will dry quickly. On the flip side, they will need to be cleaned more often as residue builds up more quickly in a smaller pipe.

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