Why Buy Weed Pipes and Bongs Online?

Taking all the fuss out of finding a head shop in your hood, buying weed pipes, bongs and other accessories online is a far simpler option. The number of places to buy the products you need is limited, whichever part of South Africa you might be based. Even if you do manage to find somewhere, shopping online offers many perks that a regular store might not offer. Keep reading to find out why shopping online is your best bet for weed pipes and bongs.

Top Reasons to Buy Weed Pipes & Bongs Online

Whether you’re looking to expand your collection of weed pipes, find a new bong, get your first dabbing rig or add to your selection of accessories, an online store is the best place to go. Some of the biggest reasons to shop online include the following:


Shopping for any type of product removes a lot of time and effort. You won’t have to trail around markets or shops in search of the products you need. Instead, you will be able to get online, browse products and then click through to finalise your purchase. Your products will be shipped right to your door, with no need to leave the house.


Traditional retail stores are limited by the number of products they sell within a physical space. As head shops are still considered very niche, they are usually smaller stores. An online store will offer a wide variety of products, with categories and search tools that make it easier to browse and find what you need.


Finally, there is the accessibility benefit we mentioned earlier. Online stores serve a variety of customers across a variety of locations. At Puff, for example, we are based in Cape Town but ship across the Western Cape, South Africa and even to customers based outside of the country. This means that you will be able to find and buy products, no matter where you are based.

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