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3 Benefits of Glass Weed Pipes

Whileweed pipes come in a variety of materials, glass remains a popular choice, for many reasons. From easy cleaning to durability and longevity, this type of pipe includes various styles and sizes. Here at Puff, we’ve got a wide selection of glass weed pipes to suit every mood and preference. Keep reading to see why glass pipes are a good choice.

Why Choose a Glass Weed Pipe?

All pipes have their own benefits. Material is just one factor to consider whenchoosing a pipe. With that said, there is no doubt that glass has some added advantages. Some of the biggest benefits of a glass weed pipe include the following:

1/ Easy cleaning

Glass pipes, bongs and dabbing rigs are all easy to clean. Thanks to its smooth surface, residue can be easily washed away using a brush, pipe cleaner or earbuds. A soak in hot soapy water, followed by a good rinse will clean your pipe quickly and easily. When your pipe is cleaned on a regular basis, it will continue to reward you with a clean smoke, without buildup that affects the taste.

2/ Wide variety

Our selection of glass pipes includes small one-hit pipes along with standard-sized pipes. We’ve gottwisted glass pipes in assorted colours, novelty pipes in various shapes, classic Sherlock style pipes, clear glass pipes, and many other styles. Stock up on your favourites, find a gift for the smoker in your life or stick to something simple that will last you for years to come.

3/ Longevity

On the topic of lasting, glass pipes will see you through for a long time. Assuming that you look after your pipe and avoid dropping it or damaging it, you will be able to keep it functioning for many years. This is why cleaning is important, to prevent the insides from getting full of grime and residue and keep it working at an optimal level, year after year.

Shop our collection of pipes to see what’s in stock and make sure that you try a glass weed pipe to see why these pipes are a great choice for any smoker.

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