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Shipping cost


Shipping cost


The question we get most often is: What is the cost of shipping?

The good news is that shipping is free across South Africa on orders over R710

Unfortunately for an order under R710 in SA and International orders, the answer is not as simple.

The cost is determined by the size and/or weight of your parcel and your location which will be different for every order.

That is why we made it very simple for you to get your cost of shipping based on the products you want and your location before having to complete your checkout first.

Here’s how: 

  1. Add all your desired product/s to your cart

Shipping Cost

  1. Click on your cart (items) top right

Shipping Cost

  1. Inside your cart scroll to the bottom and select your location, type your postal/zip code and click on CALCULATE SHIPPING

Shipping Cost

  1. Your shipping options will be visible

Shipping Cost


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