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Double-Up Dagga Couple Donation

Finally! The time for the Trial Of The Plant is here!

Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke (a.k.a Dagga Couple) will head to the Pretoria High Court along with other local and international experts on 31 July 2017 to Re-Legalize Cannabis in South Africa

This is a historic event both locally and internationally where they will endeavour to change an unjust law prohibiting the cultivation and use of the cannabis plant in South Africa.

This comes after many years of extremely hard work and dedication to this cause. They are doing this to ensure a better future for all South Africans to benefit from the use and cultivation of this beneficial plant. 

Benefits of re-legalizing dagga

 The Re-Legalization of Cannabis will have unprecedented benefits in many areas of our society. This has been proven in other countries that have taken similar steps with numerous scientific studies to prove it.

This is however not just their fight. We all need to do our part to make sure that they have every possible resource at their disposal to go to trial on behalf of all of us.

Here's what you can do: has for years donated 10% of our proceeds to the Dagga Couple


Double-Up Dagga Couple Donation

We have decided to double that in the run up to the trial by donating 20% of our proceeds to their Trial of the Plant campaign to further help ensure they have all the necessary resources at their disposal. As you can imagine a trial like this costs hundreds of thousands of Rands. Now is the time for all of us to ensure they have what they need. 

For a limited time buying anything in the  online store 20% of your purchase will go to this cause.

Dagga Couple supporters have also always had access to a special 10% discount on their purchase by using the coupon code "daggacouple" upon checkout so use that to your advantage as well.


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