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3 Smoking Accessories for the Smoker in Your Life

If you're wondering what to get the smoker in your life this Christmas, these smoking accessories are sure to be just the thing. Our full range of smoking accessories includes a collection of paraphernalia ranging from grinders all the way to stash jars, dabbing rig kits, and other essentials. To help you find the perfect gift, we've put together a list of the most useful accessories.

Smoking Accessories - The Ideal Gift

Finding the right gift can be a challenge – especially for those in your life who veer away from conventional products. Here at Puff, we've got a range of products in our headshop that make excellent gifts. Whether you're looking for something for a friend or even shopping for yourself, these smoking accessories will bring plenty of festive cheer.

1. Secret bracelet pipe

This secret pipe doubles as a bracelet, making it ideal for a quick smoke on the go. There is no need to carry an additional pipe, there's no risk of leaving a pipe at home, and keeping the pipe hidden is as easy as closing its subtle lid. When it is fully open, the bracelet is around 23cm long – enough to fit a small stash for a quick puff or few. The secret bracelet pipes we have at Puff are handmade and comfortable, making them easy to wear.

2. Grinder cleaner

Along with our collection of grinders, we also have grinder cleaners that are made from long-lasting, durable steel. These cleaners easily get between the spaces, helping to clear out seeds and small particles, preventing waste and keeping grinders nice and clean. The steel brushes have a sliding cover that keeps the bristles from catching on everything. They are small enough to fit into an average-sized pouch.


3. Silicone stash jar

Wooden stash boxes are ideal for keeping home stashes safe. They are not always to carry around, though. Silicone is soft and water-proof, and also a bit squishy. This makes it easier to fit stash jars into bags, pockets or pouches. Silicone stash jars are air-tight and pretty much indestructible, with zero chance of the jars opening or breaking if they are dropped. These stash jars are designed for concentrates such as oil and wax since they do not stick to the surface easily. Larger silicone jars can also be used for dry herb. We've got a range of stash jars in store, including this Lego block stash jar.

We hope these gift ideas give you some inspiration. You can find even more smoking accessories and products in our full collection to see what else we've got in the store.



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