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Best Ways to Keep Your Herb Stash Safe

Wondering how to keep your herb stash safe when you’re on the move and when you’re at home? As tempting as it may be to leave your stash in a baggie, having somewhere safe to keep it is a far better plan.

The right stash box or container will keep your herb fresh and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands as well.

Keep reading to get our tips on keeping your herb stash safe and sound.

Easy Herb Stash Ideas

Some of the simplest ways to keep your herb safe include the following:


Leather pouches can easily fit into a bag or back pocket. Look for pouches that have more than one compartment - ideally you want one for weed and another for rolling paper. This will make it easier to keep everything in one place.

Our pouches are made from high-quality leather, with separate compartments for herb and open compartments for rolling paper. They have a tie to keep everything closed securely.


Stash jars come in all shapes and sizes. These are great for keeping your concentrates safe in a sealed container. Look for containers that are made of durable materials, with lids that secure tightly to avoid spillage.

We’ve got a variety of silicone jars in store at Puff - look out forfunky skulls, multi-compartment jars, and other styles in assorted designs and colours. 


You can never go wrong with a simplewooden box. These are best for home. If you do take it out with you, make sure you choose a box with a secure lid that will not open accidentally.

Our classic boxes have a chest-like design with a clasp at the front. They are made from durable wood, with a hinge to make it easier to keep them open while you’re rolling.

Along with a variety of stash jars, pouches, and boxes, we’ve got plenty of otherweed accessories on offer in our store. View our fullaccessory range to find everything you need to keep your herb stash safe.

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