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Broke your Bowl? Make it Whole - Bong Part Measurements

Measurements of your bong parts 

You need to know the size of the glass joint and the joint type: Male or Female.
Both can be either on the bong or the downstem/bowl/connector
The joint size is the size of the connector where the bong and the downstem/bowl meet each other. The sizes are determined at the widest part of the joint

Male Joint Glass BongFemale Joint Glass Bong

Male Female Joint Glass Bowl Connector

How to measure your down stem

Glass On Glass: Measure from the top of the Male Joint to the end of the stem.
Rubber Grommet: Half a cm below the bowl to the end of the stem.
Downstem measurement glass bowl

How long should my downstem be?

The water level needs to be considered before this can be determined

Water level

The water level in the main chamber should be lower than the clutch hole to prevent spillage out of it and low enough so the water does not go up the chamber neck to reach the mouthpiece

Furthermore, each person will have their own preferences for the water level

Tip no 1 Water level should be high enough to filter the smoke. The more water the more the smoke will cool which gives you smoother and cooler tokes. But you do not want the end of the downstem to be too deep in the water. Try to get the end of your downstem to go about 1½cm to 2½cm into the water.

Tip no 2 If your bong or the downstem has a percolator or diffuser fill the water to just cover it.

General tip. Try a few water levels and write them down. Use the level you were the most satisfied with.

Glass Bong parts


From where should you measure?

For a glass on glass downstem it should be measured from the top of your female joint and if your bong has a rubber grommet it should be measured from the outside glass of the main chamber
Downstem Measurement glass bong

Now measure the length you require

Now that you have determined where your downstem should end and know from where it should be measured it is time to measure the length you require.

 Take any long and narrow item like a pencil or a dowel and insert it in the joint (opening) of where the downstem should go and insert it as far as you would like your downstem to go.

 Hold that pencil in place and with another marker make a mark where the joint ends.

Now simply measure that length to give you an indication of the length of the stem you require excluding the bowl. Coupled with the size of the joint you measured you now have the required sizes for a replacement downstem. 

Measuring downstem bowl length for glass bong

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