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How to Clean Your Weed Grinder

Cleaning yourweed grinder on a regular basis is essential to ensure that the grinder continues to do its job. Generally speaking, smooth surface grinders such as glass and metal are easier to clean. Wood and plastic grinders may need cleaning more often as they are made of porous material. 

With that said, you can keep any type of weed grinder clean as long as you follow a few basic steps. 

Cleaning Your Weed Grinder

Before you start cleaning, the first step is to know what type of material yourherb grinder is made from. This will help you determine whether it is safe to use alcohol to clean it or whether it is better to use something gentle such as dish soap or hot water. Once you have that sorted, you can get onto the cleaning part. Here are a few steps to take when cleaning your weed grinder.

Disassemble the grinder

Take the grinder apart carefully, into as many parts as the grinder contains. Do not force any parts open unless they are meant to open. Grinders typically come in four parts that include the lid, grinding chamber, collection chamber, and the kief chamber. Some grinders come in three parts, and simple grinders have two parts. 

Remove the residue

The teeth on the lid and the collection chamber contain residue. To make it easier to remove this residue, you can try placing the grinder parts in the freezer for half an hour. This is not an essential step but it can help to harden finer particles and make them easier to remove. Next, use ametal brush to gently clean around the teeth to dust off particles. Leftover kief can be used to power up your joints or added to your pipes for an added boost. 

Clean thoroughly

Once the residue has been removed, you can clean the individual grinder parts more thoroughly. Glass and metal grinders can be cleaned with an alcohol solution. Add the bits to a bowl of isopropyl alcohol and soak for a while. Plastic and wooden grinders can be soaked in boiling hot water with a very small amount of dish soap. 

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