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Why Bongs Are Better Than Rolled Joints

There are as many ways to smoke weed as there are different strains of the herb. How you choose to smoke depends largely on personal preference as well as the circumstance in which you want to smoke.

If you’re travelling, for example, carrying a large bong around might be unwieldy, so you might want to pack just a few rolling papers or a small pipe. However, aside from the odd situation like that, there are plenty of good reasons why using a bong is preferable to using rolling papers in most cases.

It’s Quicker And Cleaner

After a long day, you want nothing more than to kick your feet up and get your head right with a few puffs of your favourite bud. However, it’s very disheartening when you know you first have to break out the rolling papers and get to work folding tippies and so on. Rolling a joint takes time and patience.

What’s more, rolling joints can also be messy as it’s easy to spill some of the precious herb during the process. Plus, you have to carry around papers, stiff cards to make tippies, and tobacco to add to the weed so that you get an even burn.

Rolling also takes a little know-how and skill to do well. It’s easy to overstuff the joint or tear the paper by mistake ‒ even for experienced rollers.

Bongs sidestep all of this fuss. A little fresh water in the bowl, a pinch of your best weed and you’re good to light up.

It’s Smoother And Easier To Control Dosage

Because bongs filter the smoke through water, the dry heat from the smoke is removed, resulting in a much smoother toke. This makes the smoking experience far more intense because you can just inhale more without coughing.

Also, the smoke through a bong is far purer as you are not breathing in any paper smoke or tobacco. Just pure weed. This results in a better flavour, a more intense high and less irritation on the lungs.

When smoking joints, you can’t really control your dose as easily. It’s typical for smokers to feel obliged to finish their joint even if they feel they’re had enough. After all, if you put it out prematurely, you waste good herb. 

With a bong, you can stop whenever you’ve had enough or add more if that’s what you want. You can take breaks between puffs and not feel the need to smoke a whole joint in one sitting.

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