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How to Use a Weed Bubbler

With the compact size of a pipe and the smoking experience of a bong,weed bubblers are small but powerful. They have many similarities to bongs, without the bulky size and complicated parts. They are easy to use, with a wide variety of styles ranging from hammer bubblers to silicone and ornate glass bubblers. If you’re wondering whether a weed bubbler is the right option for you, we’ve put together some info on how they work (and why they’re worth a try).

Using a Weed Bubbler

Some of the things you’ll want to know about using a weed bubbler include the following:

What are bubblers?

As we mentioned earlier, bubblers are a lot like bongs in many ways. They also use water and a filter system. Unlike bongs, however, most bubblers don’t have removable down stems or removable bowls. Instead, parts are usually fixed, making it look and act more like a pipe. They are small, making them ideal for a few hits. Along with standard bubblers made ofglass orsilicone, you also get hammer bubblers. These have a hammer shape and hit much harder than regular bubblers. Their long handle allows smoke to be evenly distributed for a cleaner, smoother hit. 

Why use one?

There are several reasons to give bubblers a try. We’ve outlined some of the biggest benefits in our list ofreasons to use a bubbler. To summarise the main advantages, bubblers are small and compact, making them easy to carry around like a pipe. Smoke is filtered through water, so they give you a clean hit. They’re also easy to use, making them ideal for beginners and seasoned smokers alike.

How do they work?

As they don’t have any attachments and everything is fixed, bubblers are very easy to use. All you need to do is add a bit of water, and then place a little ground herb into the bowl. You can then smoke as you would a bong, using the mouthpiece. They pack a more powerful punch than pipes, so be prepared for the weed to kick in very quickly. 

Now that you know more about these smoking tools, we hope you’ll get the best experience from your bubbler. Puff offers a wide range of bubblers and hammers, including our beautifully crafted hand-blown glass bubblers. View our range to shop weed bubblers online.

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