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Which is the Best Weed Pipe for Travel?

Wondering how to choose aweed pipe for travel? If you’re planning on getting away for the holidays, you’ll want a pipe that can easily fit into a pocket or bag. You may want something that is small and inconspicuous that can be carried around easily. You may want something that doubles as a bong, bubbler or dabber. To help you choose the ideal weed pipe, we’ve put together a list of ideas.

The Best Weed Pipe for Travel

Some of the most practical weed pipes for travel include the following:


One-hitters, small bowl pipes and other compact pipes are the best choice. These pipes will easily fit into a bag or pocket without taking up much room. Those that don’t have any additional parts will also be easier to carry around. You will be able to clean them more easily, too (always a plus when you’re not at home). You could even look for portablepipes on keychains orhidden pipe bracelets so that your pipe goes wherever you go.


Silicone is durable and not prone to breaks or damage. This is a good choice if you want something that can stay in your bag without getting chipped. If you drop one of these pipes, it won’t come apart. There are plenty of greatsilicone pipes in our collection, ranging fromhands-free pipes to spoon pipes. 


Another good pick is a pipe that does double duty. This will save you from having to take additional tools with you on holiday. Good multi-purpose pipes include thesilicone dab and herb pipe,hammer bubbler pipe andcombi aluminium pipe

Not sure which pipe is the best choice? View our guide tochoosing a pipe. You’ll find all of the above pipes and many others right here at Puff. Shop online and find the ideal weed pipe for travel. 

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