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The Ultimate Stoner Gift Guide

If you’re wondering what to get the smoker in your life, this stoner gift guide is sure to give you some ideas. From occasional smokes to dedicated stoners, this guide has something for every weed connoisseur. The thing that makes weed paraphernalia a good choice is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving. What could be better than giving the gift of a great smoking experience, after all? Read on to get our stoner gift ideas that are sure to add more festivity to the holidays.

Stoner Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

Here are our top picks on awesome stoner gift ideas...

  • Pipes. Go for something bold and colourful, like one of ourglass pipes that come in assorted shapes, designs and colours. You could also go with a simpleone-hitter pipe (great if you’re looking for smaller, affordable gifts). 

  • Bongs. If you’re aiming to spend a bit more, a good quality bong will make for an amazing gift. Look for novelty bongs like theskull connector bong.Silicone bongs come in a variety of colours, styles and prices. You could also look at some of our higher-endglass bongs for serious smokers if you have a bigger budget. 

  • Dabbing. If you have someone special in your life that you want to splurge on for a gift that will definitely be a hit, adabbing rig kit is the way to go. This kit has everything a dabber needs in one kit.Dabbing bongs are a good pick for those wanting a more versatile smoking experience. For dabbing enthusiasts, our range ofaccessories has a few ideas for affordable smaller gifts. 

  • Seeds.Seeds are a great gift idea that will continue to be enjoyed, throughout the planting and growing process. These can be gifted as is or along with add-on gifts such aspapers and filter tips

  • Vaporizers. For those who want the enjoyment of weed without the smoke, we have a selection ofvaporizers that make good gifts. These range in price, from smaller affordable pens to high-end vape kits. 

The best gift of all, however, is agift card. This will allow smokers to get whatever they need, whether that is pipes, bongs, rigs or accessories. You can find gift cards at Puff starting from R100. Give the gift of good smoking this festive season with these stoner gift ideas.

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