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How to Clean Your Weed Bong Properly

Cleaning your weed bong properly is the only way to ensure that you keep on getting clean hits. A cleanbong gives you clean smoke. When resin and residue are not cleaned, it starts to build up over time. Soon, you’ll end up with ablocked bong that does not allow smoke to get through properly. The taste will be awful, the smoke will be harsh and you’ll end up wasting a lot of herb. Taking the time to clean your weed bong properly will go a long way in ensuring that you get a good smoking experience, time after time.

Cleaning Your Weed Bong

Cleaning a weed bong is very quick and easy if you follow a few basic steps and use proper cleaning tools and products. Here’s how to keep your bong nice and clean.

Use a cleaning kit.

A cleaning kit made for bongs and pipes is the simplest way to keep your bong clean. Most kits use a combination of rubbing alcohol and coarse salt that acts as an abrasive. These kits are made specifically for bongs, which means that they contain safe cleaning products that won’t damage any parts. It is much safer to use a proper kit than to try using products that leave a residue or don’t easily get through the resin.

Rinse and disassemble.

Once you’ve got your kit ready, start by rinsing the bong of any old water, using fresh warm water. You can then carefully take the bong apart, removing joints and other parts. While you’re at it, you can check for any small cracks or other signs of wear and tear. 

Start cleaning. 

Next, add your cleaning solution to the bowl of the bong. The combination of alcohol and salt works to remove resin build-up. Plug the holes and shake the mixture so that it covers all parts of the bong. Rinse and repeat this process. You can do the same with your mouthpiece and other parts of the bong. If there is a heavy layer of resin, you can try soaking the bong in hot soapy water before following these cleaning steps. 

Leave to dry. 

This is a step that many people overlook. Your bong needs to be completely dry, inside and out. If you use it while it’s not fully dry, there is an increased risk of mould and other issues. It will get dirty much faster as weed will stick to the inside of the bong. Air-dry the bong somewhere safe and it will be ready for you to enjoy once it’s dry.

These tips should help you get smoother hits, without any clogging or other issues. You will findbong cleaning kits andbrushes at Puff to make cleaning easier and faster.

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