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Best Practices When Cleaning Your Grinder

Breaking down weed requires a firm and consistent hand. The best way to do this is by investing in a grinder or two. With so many choices on the market, consumers have a large variety to buy from ‒ wooden, acrylic or metal. What many cannabis connoisseurs fail to emphasise with each sale is that grinders require cleaning often. And depending on your preference, you may find one grind better than another. But there are different ways to clean various materials that can lengthen the lifespan of your grinder.  

People can become overwhelmed with information, but this concise article will focus on metal grinders, which prove to be more durable than their counterparts. 

When To Clean

There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to roll a joint and realising that your grinder is simply not breaking up your weed into small, equal-sized pieces. You are likely to have an inconsistent burn and a waste of your cannabis. That’s why you need to care for yours regularly and take note of build-up. As weed breaks down, it releases oil which makes blades more sticky than effective. If you notice your blades look clunked up, then you need an urgent clean. 

What You Need 

Keeping together a kit can make cleaning easier when you have everything in one place. Most of these items are affordable and quick to acquire, available at almost every major retailer or as a convenient and cost effective kit from here. The list includes Isopropyl Alcohol, nylon brush, paper towels or a reusable bag that seals. The nylon brush is useful for quick cleaning when you just want to brush out any excess without going through the whole routine. 

How To Clean 

A good clean means you have to open up your entire grinder to ensure no residue is left behind. Gently tipping it over can allow you to gather up any weed left behind, including the kief (weed dust). You can store this and use it at a later stage with minimal wastage. 

The next part is to soak your pieces in Isopropyl Alcohol. A resealable bag or a glass container can both be useful, so whatever you have on hand will work. Leave it to soak in for about 1 hour for the best results. 

After soaking, you will need to wash and dry your grinder components. Hot water is always recommended to ensure you get any left behind particles. Once thoroughly washed, you can dry these on a paper towel. It is important to remember that every part needs to be completely dry or it can lead to mould build-up or even rust in your metal grinder. And that’s all there is to care for your grinder. 

Cleaning your grinder is easier than it may seem and will become less tedious with practice. So before you forgo using one and try using your hands, scissors or even a knife and board, remember grinders guarantee better burns. 

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