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Beginners Guide To Weed Grinders

As a novice weed smoker, you may find yourself overwhelmed with rolling techniques, strains and even equipment. Not knowing what is best for your knowledge level or lifestyle can sometimes lead to you buying the most expensive products on the market. And one of those products happens to be grinders. 

But before you get grinding, as a beginner, you may be unsure what type is right for you. This helpful article will help you decide between different makes. 

Wooden Grinders

Wooden grinders are not as popular as their other counterparts, but they are one of the better-looking products that you should consider. There are two components: the lid and grinder. The spikes are metal, almost resembling nails sticking out of the grinder. 

While most people claim that wooden grinders are more for aesthetics, they have long been used and still prove effective depending on how often you use them. Some standout points of wooden weed grinders include the traditional-looking design, attractive and easy use for beginners. Some of the downsides are that it is a little harder to clean and can be less effective than acrylic or metal grinders. 

Acrylic Grinders 

Acrylic grinders are often the go-to for weed users because they are so readily available and more affordable than wooden or metal ones. It looks similar to most other grinders, with a lid and grinder compartment, but the major difference is that the nails are plastic. Although inexpensive, acrylic grinders are not made for long use because the plastic nails become dulled down over time and lose their ability to break down weed properly. You will find that the consistency of weed will start to differ with every use. 

But the biggest advantage of acrylic over other types is that it is cheaper and easier to clean than wood. However, as it can break more easily, so it is worth considering whether you should look at other options. 

Metal Grinders

Metal grinders have long been known to be the most superior when compared to others because it is more durable in the long run. The lid and grinder are high quality, with no risk of breakage when using it. Additionally, metal grinders tend to have a storage compartment, which is useful. These grinders are less likely to break compared to wood or acrylic and can guarantee a smoother, consistent grind every time. It is a best seller because it has a long lifespan, a strong structure and is more efficient at grinding. However, smokers are often put off by the higher price point, which can influence your decision when shopping for grinders. 

In conclusion, a grinder is an essential tool for smoking, is useful in breaking down weed into more consistent sizes, and makes for an experience. Whether you roll joints or use your weed in bongs, sizing matters because it can affect the quality of your smoke. Equal-sized cannabis means you are likely to have a better burn, whereas big chunks will usually be more unpleasant and waste your time and money. 

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