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Why Use Hemp Wick?

Hemp wick is a great alternative to regular lighters, with plenty of benefits to offer. These wicks are made from just two ingredients: organic hemp and raw beeswax. They are typically sold in lengths of around three metres. They are extremely easy to use and cost-effective, lasting a long time. Keep reading to find out why hemp wicks are something you need to add to your kit.

Biggest Benefits of Hemp Wick

There are a few benefits offered by hemp wick. The biggest benefits are as follows:

No chemicals.

Regular lighters use a gas such as butane. When you light spliffs with gas, you are essentially inhaling butane into your lungs along with the weed smoke. Needless to say, this is not always great for your lungs. Hemp offers a far healthier, natural option and as it is made of the product you are smoking, there are no harmful chemicals.

Slower burning. 

Wicks are slow-burning. When holding a lighter over a pipe or bong, it is not always easy to keep the weed from burning too quickly. As they are coated with beeswax, wicks burn slowly, which means that the weed you are smoking burns more slowly as well. Hemp burns at a lower temperature and reduces the risk of cannabinoids being destroyed, which further helps to improve your smoking experience.

Better tasting.

Wicks made from hemp give you a far better taste. There are no toxic fumes and instead, you are breathing in pure hemp and weed. This means a far cleaner hit, with far more flavour than you’d get with a regular lighter. Butane can destroy terpenes in weed, which affect the flavour and aroma. Hemp, on the other hand, does not burn as hot, which locks in far more flavour. Because you are essentially smoking weed with hemp, you will get a much better high. For even better taste, usehemp rolling papers as well. 

If you’re looking for a far better smoking experience, make sure that you stock up on hemp wick from Puff.

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