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Tips For Growing Your Own Weed Successfully

In South Africa, it is legal to grow your own weed and consume it on your private property as well. However, it may not be traded. In other words, you’re not allowed to buy it. So if you want to smoke legally, growing it is your only option. Here are some tips to help you grow marijuana easily in your backyard, house or apartment.

After all, it is called weed for a reason, as it is rather easy to grow. These plants are tough and grow easily. However, they require a little TLC to get the most THC out of them!

Indoors Or Outdoors 

Whether you choose to grow your weed indoors or outdoors makes very little difference in terms of the success of the plant. They thrive in both scenarios. However, you need to consider the pros and cons of each approach. 

By growing your plants outdoors, you can avoid the bulk of the costs associated with growing marijuana. You can make use of natural sunlight and rainwater. However, your plants will be exposed to external pests and other diseases that spread among outdoor plants. Plus, you have very little control over the weather. Hail or frost could severely harm your crop. 

Growing your plants inside is far safer and more dependable, and you will have greater control. However, you do have to invest in UV lights and ventilation and irrigation systems to ensure that the temperature, lighting and water supply to the plants are optimal to encourage healthy growth. The setup can be expensive and intrusive upon your space, so bear that in mind.

Choosing The Right Seeds 

Not all marijuana plants are equal. You cannot just grab any cannabis seed, plant it and expect the best results. It is important that you source your seeds from a reputable supplier who supplies high-quality genetics, which is important as this will affect the level of THC in the plant. The level of THC will impact the kind of high you feel upon consuming it. 

It's also important that you select seeds that are feminised. Having even one male plant in your garden can cause the females to become pollinated. When this happens, the plants convert their energy into producing seeds rather than producing buds.

Getting The Soil Right

Proper soil loamy soil that drains well is essential for the health of your marijuana plants. Dense clay or porous sand can work, provided that you add things to it to make it a better-growing medium.

Unhealthy soil can cause plants to falter and fail at the germination stage, so you must aerate the soil by providing enough organic material and fertilisers to ensure strong and healthy growth. 

There are many more tips and tricks to growing healthy marijuana plants, such as keeping them in the ideal temperature range, providing plenty of airflow to prevent mold and fungus, and providing the appropriate level of irrigation.

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