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How to Use a Cone Loader

Wondering how to use a cone loader? You’re not alone. If you hate rolling joints by hand but still prefer smoking your herb this way, you will likely have considered getting a loader or something very similar, like a cone roller at some point. Acone loader cuts out a lot of time and hassle. They are small enough to keep in your stash bag and quick and easy to use.

Using a Cone Loader

Here’s how to get started with your cone loader.

Start with decent papers and tips

Cheap quality papers will give you a poor quality smoke. Rather than going for the cheapest paper, invest in some decentpaper and tips. Hemp paper is a better choice than regular paper. If you do go with regular paper, choose unbleached, which will release fewer chemicals into your lungs as you smoke. You can roll your own tips or stock up on quality pre-made tips that give you a smoother smoke. 

Grind your herb and pack carefully

Next, make sure that your herb is ground properly, with all seeds removed. Use a properweed grinder, which will give you an even, perfect grind without any bits that may be missed when grinding by hand. Anacrylic grinder and roller will save you a lot of time, allowing you to grind and roll in one go.  

Start rolling to create your blunt

To start loading, begin by adding the filter tip in the hole at the tip of the roller. Then roll the cone or paper around the stem of the loader, sealing the joint. Remove the stem carefully, then pack the top of the separate funnel with your herb, closing the lid to prevent the herb from falling out as you use the stem to carefully pass weed into your cone or paper, packing as more herb is released. When adding your weed, don’t pack too tightly or you won’t get a good hit. Don’t pack it too loosely, either, or you’ll get a harsh smoke.

To save time and get perfectly rolled joints without much time or effort, try ourpre-rolled cones that give you added taste and make things even easier. 

You’ll find all the things you need in the Puff store to use your cone loader, from loaders to cone rollers, papers, tips, grinders and more.

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