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How to Choose the Best Rolling Papers

Do rolling papers really make all that much difference to your smoking experience? In some desperate cases, smokers have been known to use any type of paper available… even if they are not made specifically for weed. The thing about cheap or poor quality paper is that it will not burn properly. This can lead to a much harsher smoke. Rolling papers are not created equal and to show you how much difference good quality papers can improve your smoke, we’ve put together a couple of things to consider when choosing your papers.

Choosing the Best Rolling Papers

There are two major factors to think about when choosing rolling papers: quality and brands. Both of these will ultimately determine whether your joints are smoked smoothly without burning out too quickly. 

Quality over price.

The cheapest papers may seem like the best choice. You can still find good quality papers at a very low price. Papers bought at your local cafe may not always be the best quality, however. You won’t get much variety in terms of the paper, either. Hemp papers, for example, give you a far better smoke compared to regular paper. Unbleached papers contain fewer chemicals, which also give a cleaner smoke. Bleached paper can be bad for your health, especially if you are a frequent smoker. Every time you inhale, you are inhaling harsh chemicals. Quality natural papers can be used far more safely.

Trusted brands. 

There are a few well-known, trusted brands that have earned their reputation for a good reason. Some of the top paper brands we stock at Puff includeRaw,OCB andPure Hemp. These brands are all made from natural, unbleached paper that release no chemicals into the environment. The result is a smoother, cleaner smoking experience. Using a brand that you know you can trust is always important. You can stock up your papers online at Puff to be sure that you always have the best quality from trusted brands. 

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