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3 Weed Dabbing Mistakes to Avoid

Weed dabbing can be a little challenging at first. Unlike pipes and bongs, dabbing has its own process. Our guide onhow to use a dabbing rig will certainly help if you’re new to dabbing. But you may need a little patience to get it right the first time around. To help make that happen, we’ve put together a few mistakes to avoid when weed dabbing for the first time.

Avoid These Weed Dabbing Mistakes

Stay clear of these mistakes and you’ll be enjoying the effects of weed dabbing in no time.

1/ Overheating the nail. 

Heating the nail is a huge part of dabbing. Needless to say, this needs to be done carefully. You want the nail to be heated for about 20 to 30 seconds and then cooled for twice as long. Overheating the nail will result in burned concentrate and it will also end up irritating your throat and lungs very quickly. You’ll also lose all of the flavour, too. 

2/ Overloading the nail bowl.

Overloading the nail bowl is another common mistake made by many new dabbers. When you do this, the temperature of your nail drops. This results in concentrates not vaporising, due to the temperature difference between nail and concentrate. Dropping cold concentrate onto a hot nail allows both to equalise. When you have the right amount, you get a smooth smoke. When you have too much, you cause buildup, which can cause numerous problems and damage your rig in the process. 

3/ Holding the rig wrong.

Finally, another thing to watch out for is how you hold thedabbing rig while you inhale. Many accidents happen from incorrect holding, including contact burns from hot nails. You could also lose the dab or drop the rig. The best option if you’ve never dabbed before is to get someone to hold the tower until you get the hang of holding it yourself. If you’d prefer to do it yourself, make sure that you hold the base or main chamber of the rig with one hand, put your mouth carefully on the mouthpiece and then use your other hand to put the concentrate on the nail.

We hope this list of common mistakes will make it easier for you to enjoy the dabbing experience. Soon, you’ll see why so many smokers prefer dabbing over pipes and bongs. Remember, Puff has all theweed dabbing tools you need in one place.

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