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Why Choose Glass Bongs?

Available in a wide range of styles, glass bongs remain a classic choice for many smokers. While acrylic and silicone bongs continue to gain popularity, non-porousbongs in glass and ceramic offer a number of benefits. In this short guide, we take a better look at glass bongs to find out what makes them ideal for smoking.

Top Reasons to Choose Glass Bongs

Both ceramic and glass bongs are made from a smooth, hard material that is resistant to scratches and wear over time. Glass, in particular, is the ideal material for bongs, thanks to its clarity and diverse design. Some of the biggest benefits of this type of bong include the following:


As long as they are looked after properly, these bongs will last many years. They are durable and strong, and reusable. Thanks to the large variety of styles, fromclear glass tocoloured glass, finding a bong that will last without wear and tear from frequent use. 

Easy to update

You can add accessories easily to glass without sacrificing the cool, clean smoke. Accessories and appendages enhance the quality of smoking, without the plastic taste that can sometimes come with an acrylic bong. 

Water filtration

Glass also provides excellent water filtration. This makes it easier to cool down your smoke, avoiding throat irritation that comes from heated smoke. Properly filtered water also helps to filter out any ash or chemicals that may be ingested, giving you a clean, pure smoke without the nasty stuff.

Easy to clean

Finally, glass is easy to clean - always a plus when it comes to bongs. Glass is non-porous, making it easy to clean with rubbing alcohol. Glass can also be soaked overnight and air-dried. This means that you can easily remove lingering ash and residuals, giving you a better smoke.

At Puff, we’ve got a growing range of clear and coloured bongs made from high-quality glass.Contact us today to find out more about the selection of glass bongs.

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