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SEE039: EL Alquimista Auto Flowering Feminized 5 Seeds

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El Alquimista is a cross between Northern Lights with its very special characteristics and aroma, and a potent AK47.

The result was crossed with a White Dwarf to give autoflowering properties to two of Samsaras best indicas and then they re-crossed both to get thier new Alquimista auto.

This new strain has a short grow cycle of around 20 days.

It’s a medium-sized (up to 80cm), compact plant with production centred around one main large bud and several lateral ones, which are smaller.

After the growth stage it will enter a rapid flowering cycle that will last 45-50 days.

Full maturity should be reached after around 65-70 days following germination.

The taste and aroma are like cathedral incense or varnish with acrid and woody notes from the Northern Lights.

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