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SEE027: Lemon Tart FEM 6 Seeds

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Lemon Tart was created using a a male Wedding Cake cut to pollinate a reversed Super Lemon Haze female, the latter being recognised as one of the best ever award-winning hybrid sativa lines. This 65% sativa cross delivers average yields with intense terpene content giving great extract potential.

Lemon Tart is a fast-growing plant yielding large, resin-drenched colas. Flowering typically takes 69 - 74 days with yields of approximately 300 gr/m2 in approximately 10 weeks of flowering. Not the biggest return but the quality is head-turning! This strain is very high in THC-A and some pheno-types have exceptionally high THC-V production and overall levels are likely to be around 20%.

The aroma and flavour are sweet and lemony with an earthy background note. The effect is uplifting without being overly "racy" and stays nicely relaxed.

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