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Nectar kit Titanium

Nectar Small Collector Titanium Tip

Nectar Small Collector Titanium Tip This Micro NC Dab Kit is a cheap dab rig and a portable version of the Nectar Collector. It comes with a glass and titanium tip to suit your preference. There is also a handy glass dabber dish in the dab kit, which works when you're ready to use this piece for your concentrates. Each part of this piece fits perfectly together to help you get a smooth and easy dabbing experience. The beauty is that this set comes in its own customized box with padding, and also, a magnetic closure to keep this cheap dab rig

1 x Glass Honey Straw

1 x 5ml Glass Dab Container

1 x Glass Mouthpiece

1 x 10mm Titanium Tip

1 x 10mm Glass Tip

1 x Keck Clip

1 x Packed Gift Box

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