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Full dabbing rig kit 7 set

This is a solid thick glass bong and dab rig that has a glass down stem with a diffuser made with solid black borosilicate glass and 14mm female glass joint (To fit 14mm male joint glass herb bowl, ash catcher or dabbing nail).


The whole kit is sold with a carry bag and inner "sponge-like" insert with cut-outs to fit each piece to help prevent breakage. The carry case has a carry handle and a shoulder strap. Inside it has a zip pocket to securely add any other content you want to add to your kit.


In this bundle kit you will receive:

1.) heavy-duty, borosilicate glass bong with a 14mm female joint - 15cm in height (with a clutch whole).

2.) 14mm male Herb Bowl with handle (made with borosilicate glass)

3.) Heavy-duty 4mm thick German Quartz dabbing oil/wax banger nail with a 14mm male joint - Hallmarked to be made from German Quartz 

4.) Borosilicate glass Ash Catcher (heavy-duty)

5.) Carb Cap - made with borosilicate glass

6.)  Glass stash jar

7.) Dabbing tool - made from Borosilicate solid colour glass rod


This is the ultimate smoking kit with everything you need for dry herb and concentrates smoking 

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