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Bees wax hemp wick

Why Use Hemp Wick - Using hemp wick brings you a healthy, mess free, and more enjoyable experience. Benefits of Our Organic Hemp Wick - It is all natural and not processed by chemicals. It ensures every breath is clean and with a good taste. Our hemp wick is dry, not bleached, not dyed, and not blended with other materials. Our beeswax coating is not wet or sticky. No need to worry about contamination when you put the spool it in your bag or purse. It is made of pure organic natural hemp fibres and coated with beeswax, free of synthetic materials. Slow Burn, No Dripping, and Low Temperature Flame - The slow burning rate allows you to use the product more efficiently. With the above benefits, it is the best bang for your buck. 

 30 m in length

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